Clean Spaces

KASI OATG operates two clean booths and a clean room for fabrication, measurement and test of instruments and optical systems. Two clean booths are located in the electro-optical laboratory of Jangyoungsil Hall of the KASI. The OATG successfully done for early-phase fabrication and test of IGRINS at those clean booths.

Specifications of Clean Spaces
Clean Booth 1 Clean Booth 2 Clean Room
Location Jangyoungsil Hall Jangyoungsil Hall Bitmarum Dong
Space 3m(W) x 4.2m(D) x 2m(H) 3m(W) x 4m(D) x 2m(H) 11m(W) x 7m(D) x 6m(H)
Cleanliness level Class 1,000 (ISO 6) Class 10,000 (ISO 7)
Equipment An optical table(2m x 1.5m) An optical table(2.4m x 1.2m) A tower for optical test, a crane
Temperature Control ~ 25℃ ~ 25℃ (sensitivity < +/- 0.5℃)
Humidity Control ~ 00% ~ 00% (sensitivity < +/- 0.0%)
Clean booth 1
Clean booth 2


The cleanroom at the Bitmarum Dong has a tower for optical performance measurement. The tower's height is 5 meters and it has a motorized mounting plate which can tilt and lift. we can install testing object (e.g. mirror) into the mounting plate and lift/rotate it to set the suitable distance and angle from measurement equipment.

Specifications of Clean Spaces
Design Parameter Value
Dimension 4 m x 3 m x 5 m (H)
Natural Frequency at the fundamental mode > 20 Hz
Allowable weight of measurement object < 250 kg
Allowable size of measurement object D=1300, Thickness 500 mm
Travel range of lifting system ~ 4.5 m
Travel range of tilting system 0 - 180 degree
Resolution of lifting system 0.5 mm
Resolution of tilting system 1 degree
Moving speed of lifting system ~ 5 m/min
KASI CfLAT Optical Astronomical Technology Group 2018