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IGRINS on 8.1m Gemini South
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G-CLEF sCDR (SAO, Boston)
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2019 OATG Winter Workshop @ Danyang (2019 Feb 18-19)

The Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute (KASI) is a partner institute of the Giant Magellan Telescope (GMT) consortium, which includes other institutes from USA, Australia, and Brazil. The GMT consortium is constructing an extremely large telescope and the Korean GMT (K-GMT) is a Korean project aimed at participating in the construction of GMT, development of state-of-art instruments, and preparation of GMT sciences. The Center for Large Telescopes (CfLAT) is the division to carry out the K-GMT project.

Optical Astronomical Technology Group (OATG) is a group for astronomical instrumentation and one of two groups in the CfLAT. The OATG plays a role for research and development of optical/infrared instruments and telescopes to make provision for upcoming large telescopes’ era and GMT. The OATG has been developing the ground-based optical/infrared spectrographs and optical systems for telescopes such as BOES, IGRINS, and G-CLEF according to the role of the group.

KASI CfLAT Optical Astronomical Technology Group 2018